Unfortunately airlines routinely reject claims for compensation by referring to “extraordinary circumstances”. However, our leading legal team will review rejections and if able process the claim in court. 

Naturally, this will increase the handling time of your case but it does not affect your financial risk as our philosophy always is “no win – no fee”. 

Regarding the many costs involved in taking legal action, Ifdelayed will pay all of them (including court and attorney’s fees) and on your behalf, it does not matter if the case is won or lost, as Ifdelayed pays all the extra costs. 

If successful with your claim, Ifdelayed is entitled to by the court imposed legal costs (e.g. lawyer and administrative fees). If your claim is finally dismissed by the court Ifdelayed will not burden you with legal costs and also, on your behalf, pay the for the opponent's imposed legal costs.

Read more about this in our Terms and Conditions.

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