Thomson Airways (now TUI) is the world's largest charter airline, flying to 96 destinations globally. Thomson fares well in terms of punctuality, with the chance of outright cancellation lower than most of its competitors. It is still, however, like all airlines, subjected to some long delays.

We will strive to enforce your rights and make things fair between you and Thomson Airways. With our fast and effective online calculator you can check if you’re entitled to compensation free of charge and submit your claim online.

Your rights when delayed with Thomson Airways

-EU law states that you canclaim up to €600
-When the flight was delayed atleast 3 hours, cancelled or overbooked
-Compensation is notdetermined by the price of the ticket
-Flights up to 6 years old 

Tips and Tricks when delayed with Thomson Airways

-Establish the cause of thedelay with the airline
-Collect data: vouchers,receipts of expenses, photos etc
-Make sure you receive your basicbenefits and services at the airport
-Exchange contact information withfellow passengers

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