Ryanair is the third largest operator for outbound flights from the UK in Europe and carried the largest amount of passengers across the continent in 2016. The low-cost airline connects over 200 airports and due to the fact that it tends to use smaller and, therefore, less busy airports, it is one of the airlines least likely to suffer disruption. Nevertheless delays and cancellations do happen.

We will uphold your rights and fight for your compensation with Ryanair. Use our easy, quick and free online calculator to check whether you are eligible for compensation if you have experienced disruptions with this airline.

Your rights when delayed with Ryanair

-According to EU law you canclaim up to €600 compensation
-Ticket price irrelevant
-Flights as old as 6 years
-When the flight was delayed 3 hours or more, overbooked or cancelled 

Tips and Tricks when delayed with Ryanair

-Establish the reason for thedelay with the airline
-Exchange contact information withother passengers
-Collect evidence: photos,proof of expenses, vouchers etc
-Insist on receiving basicbenefits and services at the airport

For other questions. Read more on https://www.ryanair.com/ 

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