American Airlines, based in Texas, is the largest airline worldwide. Its vast network spans 350 airports domestically and internationally, with 50 countries reached by its operations. When flying out from the UK they subject their passengers to an above average number of both flight delays and cancellations.

If you are one of these unlucky passengers, we help will you to enforce your rights and level the playing field between you and American Airlines. By using our easy, fast and free online calculator you can check your eligibility for compensation.

Your rights when delayed with American Airlines

-You could be entitled to asmuch as Up to €600 compensation
-Flights dating as far back as 6 years
-Regardless of the ticket price
-When the flight was cancelled, delayed at least 3 hours or overbooked 

Tips and Tricks when delayed with American Airlines

-Establish what caused the delay directly with the airline
-Collect documents: photos/screenshots,receipts of expenses, vouchers etc
-Be sure to claim your benefits and services while at the airport
-Exchange contact details withfellow passengers

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